Lozinka is no longer with us.


She has suffered from mucoviscidosis (cystic fibrosis) and she was one of many in Bulgaria who doesn't find appropriate treatment for this disease. She lived up to 29 and was one a few older than 18. 

We welcome you to support the treatment for mucoviscidosis kids in Bulgaria:

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This is Lozinka’s website. We really wish it would be the place where you could get close to her cheerful heart and joyful nature. Regretfully, besides them, she also has an ugly and expensive genetic disease with a nasty name – Mucoviscidosis. People all over the world suffering from this disease live to see their grandchildren. In Bulgaria though, the average life expectancy of patients is 15 years because the disease costs quite dearly to our dear health insurance fund. Furthermore, being a rare disease, muciviscidosis is mostly unknown to doctors. Lozinka is already 26 years old and is one of the few Bulgarians above 20.

We are her friends. We are those who value her every second with us. We decided not to stay and look her fading but to ask YOU, who value life to help her live. I wish you know her. Lozinka, Lozi, Lo or Slanchogledcho (meaning Sunflower in Bulgarian) has hundreds of friends. It is not difficult to love her at all. She enjoys laughing and making jokes. She is also a great cook. She dreams of being a housewife and a mum. 

At the beginning of the year her life was threatened by the ugly disease and all depended on whether we would raise 5000 BGN for an antibiotic treatment. Then many people who didn’t even know her saved her life and since then she hadn’t fallen ill. Until now. Today she is in the same condition as before, suffering from an extremely grave infection. The antibiotic which helped her the last time had no effect this time. She was prescribed a new and more expensive antibiotic – Meronem, to which she is not resistant. She needs a minimum of 6g per day for 21 days. 1g costs about 62BGN. This makes a total of 7800 BGN or 6000 USD or 4000 EUR– which is not a huge amount in itself, but still an amount that no single Bulgarian patient can afford. The state competent bodies not only do not provide financial assistance, but also refuse to hospitalize her. Nevertheless, I believe that all of us who are reading these lines will manage to raise the money together and she will LIVE by the grace of God!

Upon her recovery from the infection, we will continue trying to raise funds for her treatment at a specialized mucoviscidosis treatment center abroad and for a drainage vest. This is a device that helps the patients clear their lungs and thus infections are not so frequent. http://www.thevest.com

We encourage you to read more about Lozinka and about mucoviscidosis on this website.

We kindly ASK for your donation!


You can ready Lozinka Story here

You can ready about her daily therapies here


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